Curban Urge distracts you from your craving and curbs your urge to smoke or bite your nails

Stop Smoking, improve your health and save money with Curban Urge at the cost of a single packet of cigarettes

How to use it


Purchase a Curban Urge and carry it with you at all times so that you are ready when the craving strikes.( Place it on lanyard around neck so that you always have it handy!)


When the urge hits you, place the Curban Urge between your lips the way you would a cigarette with the breathing hole facing upwards.


Place your finger over the flute like hole and inhale like you would a cigarette, simultaneously moving your finger, thus accelerating air into the tube.


Remove the Curban Urge from your lips before exhaling. Repeat as necessary and after the 3-second window has elapsed, your craving will be gone.

Curban Urge has helped many a smoker kick the habit, welcoming improved health and longevity! It's never too late to give up smoking and with Curban Urge, it couldn't be simpler or more affordable.

Benefits of Curban Urge

It’s affordable

Traditional methods of quitting smoking require a large financial outlay that most people simply cannot afford. Curban Urge costs the same as only one pack of cigarettes, making it an economical solution to end the cycle of addiction.

It is safe

Unlike e-cigarettes, Curban Urge contains no nicotine or harmful, unregulated oils. All it needs is the air that we breathe, and the device is certified food quality recyclable plastic.

It actually works

Curban Urge is a great natural way to stop smoking that will actually help you quit for good!

It’s safe enough to use anytime and anywhere without any negative impact on people around you, or the environment.

Who are we

Understanding that quitting smoking is no easy task, Curban Urban was born to offer South Africans the first affordable way to kick the habit.
Through personal experience with his own smoking addiction, creator Darren Aiken is his own success story. Having used it himself to quit, sculptor Darren knows just how the Curban Urge can benefit the average smoker who wants a way out. Since its development, the Curban Urge is being tested on curbing drug addiction, and is being used to curb stress, road rage, nail-biting, and soon we hope to test it on curbing gambling addiction.

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